Sustainable IT solutions

Concept - Sustainable IT solutions

Also known as ?green IT?, sustainable IT is the management, manufacturing and disposal of IT systems that ensure a minimal amount of damage to the environment. Find out how to be mindful of the consequences of your business activities.

10 incredibly simple ways your business can save energy and money

Here at Real Business, we know just how vital it is to keep operating costs low to preserve margins within a business. One area where efficiencies can be made tends to be in the office – a place where energy can easily be wasted and cost the business needlessly.

Addison Lee boosts eco credentials with acquisition of Climate Cars

Following the launch of Addison Lee Eco in February 2015, which added 350 hybrid vehicles to its fleet, the company has acquired Climate Cars – a London-based eco-friendly passenger car services. This, the company hopes, will further strengthen its offering to environmentally-conscious customers.