8 futuristic new jobs and professions that could soon be with us

Given the continued pace of technological and societal change, what new jobs and professions might emerge in the coming years” From crypto detective to space junk removal officer, these weird and wonderful jobs could be undertaken by humans or robots in future.

7 important recruitment background checks

HireRight’s EMEA 2018 Benchmark Background Screening Report found that 89% of HR and risk experts have seen candidates misrepresent information on job applications. So how well do you really know your future hires?

Hiring strategy: Finding the best candidates for your business

For businesses running lean operations, having an open position could cause a serious problem. That’s why it’s critical that employers have a strong hiring strategy in place to fuel the pipeline to enable them to select the most suitable, skilled and appropriate candidates quickly.

Recruitment trends and priorities for 2018

LinkedIn research has claimed “a new era of hiring” is in sight. There will no longer be an emphasis on repetitive screening inefficient and mind-numbing” and “tedious” talent searches. Instead, 2018 recruitment trends will tip towards boosting the human factor and making the interview process more efficient.

Dealing with pregnant employees in a redundancy situation

Employers need to understand the laws relating to pregnant employees

A recent report from maternity rights charity Maternity Action revealed that one in every twenty mothers are made redundant during pregnancy or maternity leave or when they return to work. The charity calls for a change in the law to further protect pregnant women and new mothers at work.