Navigating the SME HR pandemic minefield

Image depicts HR management strategy

To support the future survival of your business and help for your employees, new employment and pandemic issues means having the right strategies in place, says HR expert Samantha Hulson

Are you snooping on your staff or listening to them?

Man wearing headphones on a conference call

Business owners can make smart tactical and strategic changes that help ensure greater team engagement and increased performance. Here, Nick Matthews, of Culture Amp, offers four practical approaches to drive employee productivity.

Team conflict: Eight experts weigh in

Three co-workers in conflict

When people are working together on a daily basis, conflict is inevitable. While it’s impossible to avoid conflicts altogether, if handled right, constructive conflict can actually work to bring a team closer together. We hear from experts about how to successfully manage conflict within a team.

Interview techniques: An SME employer’s guide

Hiring interview

In this exclusive Real Business guide, we look at how SME employers can adopt interview techniques to help them select the best candidates for the role while remaining legally compliant.

Top 10 causes of workplace conflict

Conflict in the workplace is something none of us want to deal with. Unless you have the patience of a saint, you’ve probably come across someone at work whose personality clashes with your own.

National Living Wage: Businesses respond

British money - ?20, ?10, ?5 notes & Pound coins

The government’s plan to increase the National Living Wage in April is now unlikely to go ahead because British firms will struggle to meet the costs in the wake of coronavirus.