What are your daily spending habits costing you?

Everyday expenditures can become such the norm that we hardly notice what we are spending. Want to accelerate your saving” Try these simple tricks from”CEO at Scottish Trust Deed, David Baddeley.

Cheap labour is the curse of our times

One of the key tenets of the liberal establishment, and no doubt we shall be fed much more of this in the current election campaign, is cheap labour is essential for the smooth functioning of the UK and other advanced economies. They are oh so wrong.

The CEO that changed her salary to a mere $1

Sandi Krakowski, founder of A Real Change International and Sandpaper Tablet, used to have an average salary of between $100,000 (£64,954) and $300,000 (£194,864) per year. That has now changed, with Krakowski giving herself just $1.