The Trademark Helpline: An Essential Service for UK SMEs


SME brands might be at risk of trademark trolls, brand clashes, and unexpected court battles. We sat down with Jon Paton, Director at The Trademark Helpline to discuss how SMEs can protect their brand and their reputation by getting their trademark registered as soon as possible. Helping business owners across the UK, The Trademark Helpline […]

The importance of UK copyright in the trade negotiations

Intellectual Property in the trade negotiations; a game of jenga

Using the IP Chapters as “political giveaways” in the on-going trade negotiations could have a damaging and long-lasting impact on creative industries. Rebecca Deegan, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the British Copyright Council, sheds light on the issue.

What SMEs can learn from the Waitrose chocolate plagiarism debate

In a recent dispute between boutique chocolatier Hotel Chocolat and Waitrose, Hotel Chocolat claimed a Waitrose product was an imitation of its flagship chocolate ‘slab . Waitrose has since agreed to stop making the bars of chocolate, with no court action taken.

Despite tensions, now is not the time to disengage from Russia

There have been political tensions between Russia and many western nations for several years. Sanctions have been imposed on Russia since 2014, by the US and the EU as a result of their interpretation of the situation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, which Russia disputes.