Superdry CFO: My biggest mistakes and accomplishments

Chas Howes Superdry

When you’re the CFO or FD of a company, then planning for growth will be a key priority. Chas Howes, former head of finance at Superdry, sets out what his goals were for the company and what he would change if he could turn back time.

The technology that will help companies attract top talent

At a time when the next generation of graduates enter the workplace, companies are facing an ongoing challenge of creating a technological environment that not only enables new recruits to fulfil their potential but improve the efficiency of the business as well.

Supplying UFC and Britain’s rugby team with mouthguards

As can be seen in countless UFC matches, kicks and punches to the head aren?t a rare occurrence. The same can be said of rugby, where tackles can mean having your face smashed into the ground. What both these sports have in common is definitely the need for mouthguards.