Choosing the right investor for your business


The road to business success is never straightforward, and every entrepreneur experiences setbacks, must negotiate bumps in the road and overcome challenges. So it helps to have the right investor on board.

How to write the perfect investor pitch

The business plan. Not only does it act as a blueprint for your business, laying out clear foundations for success, it's also the single most important document you’ll create in order to secure the funding you need to help grow your business.

Investor vs Tweeter a difficult balance

As the opening bell rings on Twitter’s much anticipated IPO and all eyes looking at how it can appeal to advertisers without alienating users, Jon Myers comments on the monetisation challenge that Twitter now faces.

Signs the UK building market is on the increase

With many people unable to secure mortgages or home loans because of tighter lending criteria, the demand for new houses has dropped, leaving the building market firmly in the doldrums. However, although there is some way to go before the economy can definitively be seen as having recovered, there are plenty of signs that the market is starting to enjoy a revival.

Sherry Coutu: 10 tips on finding a (Christmas) angel

TechCrunch voted her the best CEO mentor/advisor in Europe. Wired called her one of the top 25 most influential people. Here, investor and serial entrepreneur Sherry Coutu gives her tips on finding an angel investor.

Investors: stop looking down!

British investors need to stop being so obsessed with cash reserves and risk and start believing in a vision, says Notion Capital’s Jos White.

Find an investor (without breaking the law)

You can’t just go out on the street and ask any old person to invest in your business. There are certain rules around attracting investors ? and criminal penalties for failing to comply with the relevant processes.