Addressing the role of mobility in the ageing workforce

Ageing workforce

It’s important for small businesses to understand the impact of an ageing workforce, whilst developing and integrating practices which can increase productivity and harness the skills and knowledge that older employees bring to the table.

How business schools ensure their courses are relevant to you

As a business leader, it’s essential to step back from time to time to assess where your company’s going, to check and refresh your vision, and ensure that you and your team’s development needs are met. It’s necessary, but with everything else demanding your attention, can be as difficult to schedule as that holiday you’ve been meaning to take for the past, ooh, two years.

New export country series: Cracking the sought-after US market

As part of a four-strong series of articles analysing some of the biggest potential export markets for British SMEs, Alvaro Alamillo, Santander UK’s America expert, first examines the US – explaining why businesses should look at it, where opportunities are and when is the best time to push the button.

Knowledge economy could boost high street by 30m

A renewed focus on the knowledge economy could inject up to £30m each year into many of the nation’s ailing high streets, according to independent think tank, The Future Spaces Foundation.

Mind the gap , NEST warns employers

2014 employers have three fundamental gaps that could present challenges when meeting the new workplace pension requirements: an experience gap, a knowledge gap and a reality gap.