Using the power of words to bring teams together

Leadership teams seem to love talking about corporate visions and values, but what do those words mean to the rest of us Could you recite your company’s mission statement without looking it up, and do you really know what it means to you, and others you work with

What can Chinese investment do for your British SME?

It may have slowed down, but China’s economy is still growing at three times the speed of the UK’s and there are still massive opportunities for outbound investment. Recent figures attribute a record-breaking $101bn worth of global deals to Chinese buyers in the first three months of 2016 alone.

The great city debate: It’s a London thing

There’s an ongoing discussion about which city should take the mantel as the "world’s best" for setting up a business. For Alex Cheatle, CEO of the Ten Group, the decision is easy – it’s London. Here, he explains why the Big Smoke is hard to beat.