Maintaining Britain’s largest family firm: Secrets of the Queen’s success

The Queen has hit a historical milestone in becoming the longest reigning British monarch – a position previously held by her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria. In her role as the head of the UK’s largest family firm for over 63 years, she has overseen dramatic changes in how it is run and her leadership style has evolved in tune with the times.

What businesses can learn from McGinley, Ryder Cup

Paul McGinley recently captained Europe to a win at this year’s Ryder Cup, giving businesses a masterclass in the power of inspirational leadership. Here, executive coach Martin Palethorpe explains what lessons can be learned.

3 leadership lessons from the Lib Dems

Nick Clegg has faced on-going questions surrounding his leadership abilities in light of the party’s worst European election results since 1994. But what can organisations learn from the well documented mistakes that the Liberal Democrats and Nick Clegg have made

How to keep cool when others are losing their heads

In times of uncertainty, stress and pressing deadlines, emotions run high while speculation and fear take centre stage. Avoid getting swept downwards and stay afloat with these tips designed to help you keep a cool head in the midst of it all.