Four simple truths I’ve learned in ten years of business

Some ten years ago, Caffeine opened its doors to stimulate growth for its clients. In that decade, we have worked with impatient leaders from companies of all sizes and sectors, done interviews for several books we have published and, of course, run a business which has in its own humble way grown steadily since we started.

Follow Lego’s footsteps in putting the customer first

Becoming an organisation that puts the customer first, particularly when the customer hasn’t traditionally been central to the company’s culture, is a major transformation which requires a deep understanding and commitment.

The building blocks of Lego’s physical and digital retail experiences

Lego may be designed for children, but even adults can’t resist playing with the yellow figures. How does a company achieve such irresistible engagement though” The toy brand’s senior omnichannel manager, Leif Bode Nielsen, discussed the building blocks of Lego’s physical and digital retail elements.

How to steal ideas Steve Jobs style

Have you ever heard the saying “good artists copy; great artists steal”” Allegedly originating from Pablo Picasso, the words were made famous by Steve Jobs who claimed Apple wan’t afraid of stealing ideas and making them better.

Even Lego sees the importance of inspiring women

Lego Movie creators Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have recently suggested that more female characters are needed for the sequel. "It's important to us that the movie plays broadly and that we inspire young women as much as we inspire young men," said Lord.