How to navigate an MBO

With personal legacy and succession planning high on the agenda for many business owners, the magnitude and complexity of the decision, as well as the variety of options that are available, can leave business owners feeling perplexed.

Why 2016 heralds the rise of the MBO

With business confidence improving, the market for mergers and acquisitions took hold in 2015 and this year looks to be following suit. With the end of the financial year in sight, many bosses are beginning to consider personal circumstances, business forecasting and succession planning.

To MBO or not to MBO?

Acquisitions aren’t always ideal for the company that gets bought. So what are your options if you feel your company doesn’t fit in When is a management buyout right for your business

Is an MBO for you?

You’ve worked for your company for many years and you consider yourself the heir apparent. The business is finally up for sale. Should you consider an MBO?