Awards celebrate business achievements of military veterans

Military veterans hold transferable skills that are perfect for roles in the business economy. However, many don’t get the chance to prove themselves due to stigmas surrounding the applicability of ex-military candidates during recruitment processes. But there is light on the horizon for ex-servicemen and women in the UK, as it’s nearly time for the second annual British Ex-Forces in Business Awards, a unique event that celebrates the commercial achievements of military veterans who have found a second career in the private sector.

Military management: Swapping the Royal Air Force for Silicon Valley

The military and the world of business aren?t all that different. Both require an equal blend of attitude, strategy and personal determination to surpass objectives and reach new goals, whether that is a revenue boost or internal focuses such as the overall reputation of a brand.

Entrepreneurial lessons the military taught me

For Extrinsica Global founder and CEO, Simon Smith, a distinguished 20+ year career as an officer in the Air Force has been superb preparation for the daily challenges he faces as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Heroes in the workforce: Why hiring military veterans is a good idea

Those serving in the armed forces are trained to be tough, self-disciplined and ready to adapt to adversity. And individuals discharging from military careers stand to transform and grow organisations as the value of their training is finally being recognised in the business industry.