Creating creativity: Setting up the right environment for innovative thinking

Lights, camera, action! Straight away, you know where you are: a film set. The more you think about it, the more examples there are of environments specific to industries – from the wooden panelling and leather chairs of private banks to the sterility of the operating theatre, environment plays an important role.

Five ways to improve meeting room productivity

Time wasting or thought provoking Whatever people’s views are on the relevance of business meetings, they are not likely to disappear any time soon, but with the right mindset – and technology – they can significantly boost collaboration and efficiency across a business.

Banking: Digital challenges to age-old practices of customer loyalty and retention

If you think about the way that banks and customers typically interact, the terms are very much dictated by the bank, and always have been. However this is set to change, as customers – spoiled by mobile technology in terms of their expectations of what good customer service entails – become more choosy about the banks they use based on which can offer them the best experience.