Commission recommends 3% minimum wage rise

The group tasked with advising the government on setting minimum wage levels will recommend a 3 per cent (19p) increase to £6.50 per hour, Vince Cable told MPs today.

Minimum wage rises to ?6.31

The UK minimum wage for adult workers will today rise by 12p, and the government plans to name and shame employers who fall foul of it.

When should you pay for work experience

Sony have had to dip into their pockets for around four and a half grand’s worth of lose change to make an employment claim go away. Sony were paying off not a full time employee, but an unpaid intern who had come to work for them for three months.

Should you pay the living wage

The living wage has risen by 25p this year to £7.45 outside of London and £8.55 inside London. There's a business case for paying it, so do you” Plus: vote in our poll.

The problem with the Living Wage

In anticipation of Living Wage Week, Jan Cavelle argues that the new benchmark might not be as good for business and employees as the government wants to make us believe.