5 ways to drive compliance from the top down

Compliance is often seen as a nuisance, a “have to do” that’s part of the price of admission for companies working at global scale. However, it can differentiate your business and attract more customers.

Whistleblowing is the best preventative measure for fraud it should be encouraged

With Benjamin Koh of CommInsure having just spilled the beans on the company’s wrongdoings – claiming doctors were pressured to change their opinions, outdated medical definitions were used to deny payouts and medical files disappeared – we take a look at how the act of whistleblowing could bring about corporate change.

How to handle social media as an employer

When you run a business, you’d like to think that how your employees behave outside of work doesn’t affect the reputation of your brand. Nowadays though, with the advent of social media and the way it impacts on almost everything from home life right through to work, you need to make sure that your staff can’t harm your business with the things they share.

Wrongful trading vs insolvent trading

When a business is failing, bills are not being paid and problems are getting worse – it’s time to seek help and professional advice at the earliest possible opportunity. This is particularly important when business is still continuing; a director can be accused of ‘wrongful trading’ or ‘fraudulent trading’. In both cases the directors are at risk of being held personally liable for the debts.