Endurance for entrepreneurs: How to go the distance when business gets tough

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Although many people believe that being an entrepreneur is a glamorous vocation, the reality is often far different from the dream. Long days, heavy workloads and immense pressure often weigh you down. These factors can cloud your view of the very reason why you set up in business in the first place. And while starting up can be a steep learning curve that requires all your time and energy even when your business is established, there is no time to rest, or cruise along.

The $11.6bn coaching industry continues to boom, and it’s being led by women for women

A new initiative allows British venture capitalists to share diversity data anonymously, helping to build a common understanding of the state of play that the industry can use to identify issues and develop solutions.

When some of us think of life coaching we tend to think of 1980s Wall-Street and of haggard stockbrokers after a quick fix. However, the sector has evolved, gone global, and is currently the second fastest growing industry after IT. But recently it’s developed a particularly female bent. Enter the age of the female-led and female-focused life coaching. We met the female life coach entrepreneurs bringing comfort, positivity, and inspiration to female executives across the UK in an age of #MeToo, balancing responsibilities, and fighting the gender pay gap.

5 ways continuous feedback motivates millennial workers

Many baby-boomer bosses find the world of millennials completely alien. While it’s not necessary to understand their penchant for niche podcasts and emoji code, managers need to grasp the changes millennials are making to the workplace.