The importance of UK copyright in the trade negotiations

Intellectual Property in the trade negotiations; a game of jenga

Using the IP Chapters as “political giveaways” in the on-going trade negotiations could have a damaging and long-lasting impact on creative industries. Rebecca Deegan, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the British Copyright Council, sheds light on the issue.

10 dirty tricks to watch out for when negotiating

You?re making the deal of a lifetime, yet you suspect foul play. The stakes are high and there’s distrust amongst both parties. Should you counter-act with dirty negotiation tricks to gain the upper-hand or take the high-ground and tackle the situation head on?

We may as well have a Brexit deal party on a cliff edge

Brexit deal

When the starter’s pistol was fired for our exit from the European Union on 23 June 2016, there was an expectation that the country would hit the ground running and race towards the independence just over half of Britain were so desperate to have.

How to navigate an MBO

With personal legacy and succession planning high on the agenda for many business owners, the magnitude and complexity of the decision, as well as the variety of options that are available, can leave business owners feeling perplexed.