How hospitality firms can fight the January blues


For hospitality firms, December is a whirl of Christmas parties and festive excess even if they?re the ones working hard to ensure everyone has a good time. But when the music stops in the New Year, the hangover hits pubs, hotels, and restaurants particularly hard with January blues.

The 10 biggest fears in the British workplace

The New Year generally serves as an opportunity for people to set out goals and challenges, but the arrival of 2016 has revealed the ten biggest workplace fears that British professionals have – and the ten reactions they have when dealing with them.

Christmas conversations you must have with your staff

Celebration, parties, food and fun. They’re all part of Christmas, and for a gloriously long weekend, the closest many of us intend to get to working is gauging how much room we need to leave for pudding. So how to communicate what’s expected of the workforce over the Christmas period

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