Team conflict: Eight experts weigh in

Three co-workers in conflict

When people are working together on a daily basis, conflict is inevitable. While it’s impossible to avoid conflicts altogether, if handled right, constructive conflict can actually work to bring a team closer together. We hear from experts about how to successfully manage conflict within a team.

The 50 most offensive ways to breach office etiquette

Like the saying goes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time, and chances are you won't be making anybody's day if you're guilty of breaching office etiquette. Hint: Go easy on the makeup and ensure you're contributing to the tea round.

How to manage office politics

As a former chartered accountant who did office politics badly – I had the same mind-set as the child in The Emperor’s New Clothes – I do believe that being able to understand and work with whatever office politics exist is a useful skill.