Everything You Need To Know About Closing A Limited Company

Everything you need to know about closing a limited company

When it comes time to close a limited company, especially one that you put a lot of effort into starting up, it can be an emotional and stressful time. One way to make this process less stressful is to know everything there is to know about closing a limited company. This way, you won’t be […]

What Skills Are Needed To Be An Entrepreneur?

What skills are needed to be an entrepreneur?

Being a successful entrepreneur is not as easy as some people may think. It takes a strong personality and a range of important skills to be successful, and it’s important to know what these qualities are before you to take the plunge. Successful entrepreneurs need to have a great idea and the vision to bring […]

The Definitive Guide For Young Entrepreneurs

The definitive guide for young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is becoming a much more popular and accepted career choice, with more and more people in the UK choosing to become entrepreneurs each year. Many young people like the idea of working for themselves as they can choose their working hours, don’t have a boss to answer to, and can express their individualism and […]

Common Reasons Why Businesses Fail

Common reasons why businesses fail

For business owners, one of the most common and predominant fears is that their business will become a failure. Not only is business failure a financial issue, but many owners of failed businesses find the process embarrassing and emotional. Starting up a business takes a lot of courage, resources and time, so a failed business […]

The Importance Of Having Proper Plant Hire Insurance

The Importance Of Having Proper Plant Hire Insurance

If you are a business owner that regularly needs to hire plant equipment for certain projects, it can be exceptionally frustrating when this hired equipment malfunctions, stops working, gets stolen or is lost. It can put all your progress to a standstill, causing you to lose valuable time while the problem is resolved. But did […]

Do You Need Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance?

Although not a legal requirement, public liability insurance is highly recommended for anyone who engages with members of the public and carries out work on their premises. The level of cover your policy needs to provide will depend on the nature of the work you do and will ensure that you are protected from financial […]

How To Make A Company Dormant

making a company dormant

Do you have a business that is not making any money? Is it taking up too much of your time and energy, but you are unable to let it go? Have you considered what would happen if the company was made dormant instead of being closed down entirely? There are many reasons why business owners […]

How Much Capital & Reserves Does A Business Need?

How much capital & reserves does a business need?

More than ever, the last couple of years has shown business owners just how important it is to have sufficient cash reserves. The COVID-19 pandemic was something that no one expected to happen, and the toll that it has taken on businesses around the world has been truly tremendous. Having enough cash reserves could make […]

Pros & Cons Of Buying Buy-To-Let Property Through A Limited Company

limited company buy to let mortgage

If you’re thinking about purchasing a buy-to-let property, you might be wondering whether you should purchase the property in your own name, or through a limited company. There are advantages and disadvantages of both options, which you’ll need to carefully weigh up before making your decision. In this article, we’ll talk you through the pros […]

What Is An Employer Reference Number?

What is an employer reference number?

As an employer, you have a wide range of responsibilities to take care of. Many of these are not merely responsibilities but legal obligations too. One of these responsibilities is to know about employer reference numbers and what they are used for. You should also know if you need to have an employer reference number […]

What Is A Commodity Code? A Guide For Those Who Import And Export

what is a commodity code

A commodity code is a number that determines the type of goods you are importing or exporting. This number can be six, eight, or ten digits depending on the origin and destination of the goods and ensures that the correct customs duties and VAT are paid on all imports and exports. Completing customs paperwork correctly […]

Is The VAT Flat Rate Scheme Right For Your Business?

VAT flat rate scheme

The VAT flat rate scheme was introduced by the UK government to make it easier for small businesses to arrange their VAT payments. The scheme means that the VAT a business owes to HMRC is calculated as a percentage of turnover. Many businesses feel that the scheme has simplified their calculations and ensured that they […]