To sell or not to sell, private equity 101

With inward investment into the UK food and drink industry at a three-year high, and Kraft Heinz’s short-lived Unilever takeover bid fresh in the minds of consumer and FMCG business owners, private equity funding is an increasingly viable option for many fast-growth firms.

Making a quantum leap The art of securing major partnerships

When you’re first starting out, looking for corporate partners may be quite low down on your priority list. However, when you think further about your firm’s growth strategy, the idea of partnering with a well-established brand seems like a very sensible way to de-risk the business.

Tips for embarking on a successful sustainable business partnership

A successful sustainable partnership can boost your business’ revenues and improve your profile amongst consumers, while also ensuring your longstanding positive impact on the world. Gavin Milligan, sustainability director at William Jackson Food Group, pinpoints the key components to consider.

Looking to increase sales Heres three ways forming a partnership will help

Some of the most enduring businesses of our time have relied on a strategic partnership framework to maximise success, and with the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills suggesting SMEs account for 99.9 per cent of all private sector firms in Britain, bosses need to replicate such strategies to increase sales.

Good partnerships between companies are vitally important

Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes from mega-alliances to normal distribution networks that most companies use to get products out to market. Whilst all businesses have them, I think that all too often management do not fully appreciate the dynamics involved and in the end how delicate the relationship may be.

10 examples of why co-founding and partnerships work

There are some hugely successful businesses out there that were founded as or are now running as partnerships. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best examples of partnerships in businesses that are hugely successful today.

The importance of a good business marriage

Just as in a marriage, good business partners can talk through ideas together, can supplement each other’s weaknesses, and provide reassurance when things aren’t going well.