How Polaroid founder Edwin Land changed the patent system to one we rely on today

Since his death, numerous people have compared Steve Jobs to Thomas Edison, the man who still has more patents than anyone else. But perhaps it's more apt to liken him to his hero Edwin Land, inventor of instant photography, founder of Polaroid and “champion of patents”. With the numerous changes in the modern day patent landscape, peering back through history may prove to be an interesting exercise.

Europe comes one step closer to a Unitary Patent System

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) announced an opinion giving a green light to the long-standing aim to create a unitary patent and unified patent litigation system. Although such opinions are not binding on the court, which is expected to issue its final judgment in the middle of next year, news of the opinion of Advocate General Bot will be a huge boost to the chances of the project becoming a reality.