Why you can’t afford to ignore innovation in payment

As a small business you must give customers every opportunity to spend their money. Providing them with the easiest and most convenient methods to part with their hard earned cash will ultimately boost your bottom line.

Stay on trend with the right type of tech

Bartering, livestock, shells, gold, paper money, credit cards and smartphones are just a few of the ways we have transacted over the years. As civilisation has evolved, so too have these exchanges and with that, the technology.

eBays enduring legacy: Spearheading the concept of B2C ecommerce

It’s 20 years this September since eBay first appeared online. In technology terms this makes the online auction site a bit of dinosaur, but its influence in ecommerce has been dramatic and profound, significantly shaping and driving forward the concept of online shopping and making it accessible to small businesses.

Three tips that could boost your bottom line this Rugby World Cup

With the Rugby World Cup fast approaching and an estimated economic impact of £2.2bn, there are plenty of ways businesses of all shapes and sizes can capitalise on this. Elavon's Hannah Fitzsimons advises on going contactless to avoid a scrum and why diversifying your payment options is a savvy move.

TfL set to launch contactless payments

From 16 September, Transport for London (TfL) will introduce contactless payments for all pay as you go customers on the Tube, London Overground, DLR and Trams in addition to the capital's buses.

Payment innovations from the past 5 years

Mobile technology is changing the way we organise our lives and application developers are constantly looking for ways to streamline banking to accommodate these changes.