The personal factor: Customer data, marketing and you

The appeal of being able to tailor your communications to offer the personal factor to numerous prospects without investing the vast resources needed to make each feel like they have your undivided attention is hopefully obvious.

Disruptors in the mid-market could become the next overnight success stories

Every week I find myself reading about overnight success stories businesses that seemingly come out of nowhere and succeeded beyond the founders” wildest dreams. Such companies include Deliveroo, Airbnb and Snapchat, and are radically disrupting industries, turning from startup to mid-size enterprise in the process.

From Ford Model T to coffee The move towards mass customisation

Customer choice has increased significantly in the past hundred years. At the turn of the 20th century Henry Ford launched the infamous Model T, the first automobile mass-produced on moving assembly lines. It was far from the “mass customisation” we know today buyers could famously choose it in any colour they wanted… as long as it was black. MD says ?manky gaff marketing appeal will create household brand

Following acquisition last year, online cleaning service has now pushed into 11 new cities across the UK. The company’s MD Sam James has told Real Business that growth and awareness will be achieved with a voice that is both fun and memorable – two things you wouldn’t usually associate with chores.