Two’s a crowd

Could the Myers-Briggs test be useful for recruitment?

The Myers-Briggs test, a personality test looking at extroversion and introversion, is often used by recruiters and consultants. How reliable is it”

Animal magnetism: “Conquering the workplace zoo

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run; effective communication is vital for creating strong relationships with colleagues and customers alike. But do you ever feel that when it comes to engaging with some employees, something always seems to get lost in translation?

How to make other people less of a mystery

It’s a rare person who doesn’t find others a little weird sometimes, and it’d be a terribly tedious world if we were all the same. But while our uniqueness can sometimes separate us from others, it’s possible to take the mystery out of other people’s behaviour with the right attitude of curious enquiry and a genuine willingness to understand.