What my eight-year legal battle says about the gig-economy and workers’ rights in the UK

After nearly a decade fighting an intense legal battle with a former employee, last week an employment tribunal in Croydon came down in favour of my company concluding that he was not entitled to an eye-watering ?74,000 worth of holiday pay. I detail the story, including the impact it had on my family values driven business. This true tale, rife with liberty taking, shows how the rights of SMEs themselves must be defended as much as those of the employees who work for them.

Will the government’s obsession with Brexit stifle SMEs from growth?

Will the government’s preoccupation with Brexit mean that the SME business economy won’t get the attention it deserves” Is it time we all re-focus our attention” If we don’t, we could risk the destruction of our cornerstone economy, says Pimlico Plumbers founder, Charlie Mullins

We may as well have a Brexit deal party on a cliff edge

Brexit deal

When the starter’s pistol was fired for our exit from the European Union on 23 June 2016, there was an expectation that the country would hit the ground running and race towards the independence just over half of Britain were so desperate to have.