How words can get your startup going

Nail your pitch and impress investors

Language is a big part of any startup. Senior Writer at Brand writing agency Reed Words, Sam Russell, shares five ways to get your words working harder.

The reason you may not be getting funded

Most people involved in the startup or SME game will agree it’s risky business; and for many entrepreneurs navigating the competitive landscape, getting funded is a significant hurdle.

Preparing to deliver an Oscar-worthy investment pitch

An investment pitch is a personal interaction, and a potential investor will be looking at you as much as at your idea. But too many budding entrepreneurs focus on themselves (the right clothes, the right hair, the right tone of voice) at the expense of preparing their business idea.

Negotiation is a game recognise that and become a player

All nationalities have intrinsic advantages and disadvantages when it comes to negotiation. The British have the main advantage of being on-the-whole courteous and respectful whilst probably our main disadvantage is our reserve or reluctance to challenge in debate for fear of being seen as rude.

How to make your company attractive to investors

Bringing on board an external, professional investor, could be one of the most important decisions your business makes. Get it right and it could help springboard your business to huge success, get it wrong and it could end up being a decision you regret.

Winning over the angels: Tips on pitching for investment

Obtaining angel investment funding is all about making you and your business as attractive as possible to your potential investors. This means explaining your company’s proposition and the potential return on investment clearly and succinctly so that your target investors understand your offer.