How to address the issues that arise from running a family business

It’s often been said that family business underpins the UK economy. From small enterprises to large behemoths, more than 30,000 family owned businesses operate in the UK, generating £1.3tn in turnover, more than one quarter of the national GDP and employing over 12m people.

How employers can boost employees emotional resilience

Sarah Westmorland, people resourcing director at Helen & Douglas House, the world’s first children’s hospice, tells us why resilience is so vital in an emotional job and what employers can do to help improve it.

Employee fraud could it happen to you

It is a sobering statistic that one in five SMEs has been the victim of an employee fraud, according to the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre.

Avoiding commercial litigation as a business leader

Russell Hallam, managing partner at Turbervilles Solicitors, uses his latest legal column for Real Business to provide some invaluable advice for business leaders who don’t want to be caught up in commercial litigation.

Freedom of expression vs intolerance What do employers need to know?

The controversial columnist, Katie Hopkins, recently came under fire for a column in which she compared migrants to cockroaches. With somewhat unfortunate timing "The Sun" took an editorial decision to publish the article just hours before a fishing vessel packed with migrants capsized off the coast of Libya.