Casting an eye over the 2017 fintech industry

2017 fintech industry

The New Year is here and the 2017 fintech industry holds the potential for exciting new developments, as well as having to come against a fast moving landscape and political impacts.

New year, new attacks: Cyber security predictions for 2016

As 2015 is left behind, it’s clear it was not the best year for cyber security. Thomas Fischer, principal threat researcher for Digital Guardian, looks at the highest profile hacks of 2015 and how cyber security will evolve in 2016.

Ten business predictions that were proven to be well and truly wrong

Planning ahead is essential for a small or medium-sized business, as it is for any company. But as 2016 comes increasingly nearer, glaring into a crystal ball can prove a risky tactic – just ask Alan Sugar and J.K. Rowling. Here are ten business predictions that were hugely incorrect.