The final countdown” are you GDPR ready?

We are less than one year away from the EU’s new data protection law, which begs the question of whether businesses are GDPR ready. Sarah Thompson of McGuireWoods summarises where we are now and provides some fast facts.

How to maintain privacy in a contemporary office environment

What does a highly engaged employee look like The answer might surprise you – a survey commissioned by Red Letter Days found that engaged employees are more likely to be late for work, do personal tasks because they're bored, check their social media or chat to colleagues on a personal level for two hours every day.

A new data protection and privacy regime

It has taken over three years of discussions, across multiple levels, but the principles of the new EU Data Protection Regulations have finally been agreed. The regulations will replace the current EU Data Protection Directive and aim to harmonise the data protection and privacy landscape for all members of the EU.

Three things IoT must do to get beyond the hype

How many times have you heard that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be epic – with billions of connected devices generating trillions of dollars And yet, the overwhelming reaction of tech consumers right now is essentially "meh".

Privacy and the great personal data exchange

Consumers and brands are currently engaged in a complex digital bartering system. Consumers hand over their personal data – which is used by brands for targeted marketing – and receive something in return, perhaps exclusive content or membership of an online community.