What actually is proptech?


A portmanteau word for ‘property and technology’, proptech stands for any technological solution designed for the property market.

Settled: The exciting automated platform speeding up property

Disruptive digital property company Settled was founded in 2014 by siblings Gemma and Paul Young. They wanted to pool their experience in technology and property to create a truly 21st century platform for buying and selling homes, which has won a spot in our Everline Future 50 2016.

Plentific: An innovative solution to the frustrations of the property industry

The company helps homebuyers and homeowners hire qualified professionals. In addition to providing customers to its member pros, Plentific also helps business owners enhance their online presence on both Plentific.com and partner websites. Founded by former investment bankers Cem Savas and Emre Kazan in 2013, the startup is one of the most innovative.

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