Mindfulness Practices Leaders Should Encourage Their Employees To Take

As we celebrate International Happiness at Work Week 2021, Real Business are encouraging you and your workforce to be happy, starting at the place you probably spend most of your time. Spiritual leader and mindfulness expert, Arika Trimnell gives her take on what you should be doing to be more mindful in the workplace, and how you should encourage your team to be doing them same.

5 Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels at Work

We believe that one of the main priorities as a business owner is to look after your workforce, and as we celebrate ‘International Happiness at Work Week 2021’, we have been highlighting how you can do this. Renowned Neurophysiologist, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan explains how you can increase your energy levels through the simple things, which can make the biggest difference to you and your workforce’s happiness.

The Importance of Exercise to your Employees

We all know how important exercise is within our daily routines; not just for our body but for the sanity of our mind too. This is especially true with the busy schedule of our workforce. Founder of The Engagement Coach, Amrit Sandhar, describes the positive impact physical activity could provide within your work environment.

What Small Businesses Can Learn From Space Exploration

Mission Commander and Billionaire, Jared Isaacman and his team, ‘Inspiration4′, are set to be the first all-civilian orbital mission to space this afternoon, nearly 50 years after the United States’ first space station was launched. What can a small business today learn something from a relatively unknown part of NASA’s Space Program? Dwight Steven-Boniecki, director of the film Searching For Skylab: America’s Forgotten Triumph explains.

Job Vacancies hit a record high in the UK

Last Summer we prepared ourselves for a job crisis, instead businesses are struggling to fill positions. It was reported this morning by The Office of National Statistics (ONS) that job vacancies in the UK have risen above one million; a new record high.

How an Entrepreneurial Graduate is Battling University Loneliness


Founder and CEO of Umii, Georgia Wheadon, launched her app to try to combat on-campus isolation, a nationwide issue that has worsened during the pandemic. She now works with several universities across the country to create friendships and connections on an interface that is safe, secure, and student friendly.    It is the time of year again where students […]

Why Your Team Needs a Coach with Joanna Howes

Leadership and Performance Coach and Founder and CEO of The Change Creators, Joanna Howes talks through why your SME should consider the learning and development of your team as a necessity and not just a perk.

How to Preserve Your Company Culture with a Remote Team

company culture

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and run businesses. Online teams are now a part of everyday life and this has brought with it many positives. For example, people no longer have to waste time and money, not to mention damaging the environment, on long commutes. However, the increase in remote businesses […]

Keri Jamieson: Women Are Not One Dimensional


Real Business recently sat down with Keri Jamieson, founder and director of KeriKit, to talk about launching her own online business, creating a fashionable accessories brand that caters to the working mum, and how motherhood can impact women’s sense of self. KeriKit was launched in 2015 by Keri Jamieson to fill a gap in the […]

“Let’s Talk Turkey” on Price Increases

Reading the latest business headlines makes for rather a surreal experience now. Previous predictions of financial freefall, mass job losses and overheating interest rates have been turned on their heads. The good news is that demand is well and truly back with a bang.