Customer service: Not just a footnote to sales

Customer services needs to play a fundamental part of business. The best salespeople are recognising this and are pitching holistic offerings blurring the lines between great product and great customer service, and promising outcomes driven by this combination.

How to succeed in your most important relationships at work

In his book "The Happiness Hypothesis", Jonathan Haidt observes that one of the key factors influencing our ongoing happiness is having a sense of community. Work offers such an opportunity – and considering how much time we spend working, doesn’t it make sense that we invest some effort here if it can make our lives happier

Suppliers must readily support the long-term vision of buyers

A survey of 300 business and logistics experts by software provider AEB and the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) University in Germany has found that although many firms collaborate closely with suppliers, the majority are failing to capitalise on the significant opportunities this creates.

How to keep your business relationships in order

Andrew Morris, the CEO of the Academy for Chief Executives, offers some advice on the gaffes to avoid and the steps to take to ensure your business relationships stay in good shape over the long term.

Change starts in the C Suite: Upgrading culture from the CFO down

In our fast-paced business world, successful companies are realising that they need to introduce a new culture of change and innovation. Central to this transformation is the CFO, who must work closely with his or her CEO to develop and implement strategic changes that will deliver sustainable growth.