Become a networking master in 40 easy steps

We get it. You’ve got a brilliant idea you know could be huge if only you could land it in the right people's laps. So what do you do You network. The following guide will help you do it so well you’ll never have to do it again.

Five great business family feuds

Going into business with a family member can be a very rewarding experience, but it doesn't always go to plan. Real Business has a look at five occasions it has blown up in a big fashion.

Regaining that human touch: How SMEs can do it better

If the customer is always right, why do so many businesses get it wrong It comes down to the fact that many have lost the human touch, according to Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO of the professional body for customer service, CCA Global.

Creating online credibility through your online relationships

Addressing transparency through social networks allows people to see your organisation for everything it is. This takes a commitment to the overall cause, not a short sighted view that the occasional negative interaction will destroy your online reputation.

Relationships aren’t new in business

From the employes to the customers, without relationships businesses don’t exist. So why, when it comes to building them online, do they become an alien concept”