How to combat social loafing and create a high-performing team culture

As more people work on a task, the less each of them individually contributes – even if all of the team members feel they are working hard. Are your teammates a bunch of loafers Not necessarily. But there is a good chance that counter-productive team dynamics are creating a drag on your collective output.

Voice of RB First Women: What are your business rules

The name of my first book, written nearly a decade ago, was “Business Rules”. This was a guide to the pitfalls you could inadvertently fall into, when running your own business. Some ten years on, I would have written a different book, because this next decade is more, in my opinion, about business behaviour, rather than following any so-called rules.

Too many managers are robotically following rules

New research published by CMI (the Chartered Management Institute) and MoralDNA™ warns that workplace cultures dominated by rules, bureaucracy and targets mean that managers are switching off their sense of care.

8 credit tips for first time exporters

Experian’s latest research uncovered that thousands of UK businesses could be missing out on export opportunities and with it, the chance to increase their turnover significantly. This makes venturing into the world of export for the first time an exciting prospect for any business.

7 summer changes to employment law and tribunal rules

2013 has been an important year for business owners, HR specialists and employment law practitioners. This is because we all have witnessed staged implementation of various changes to employment law and tribunal rules.