10 incredibly simple ways your business can save energy and money

Here at Real Business, we know just how vital it is to keep operating costs low to preserve margins within a business. One area where efficiencies can be made tends to be in the office – a place where energy can easily be wasted and cost the business needlessly.

Tricks to save money on insuring your business car

If you’re a business that relies on company vehicles, be that conventional cars or commercial vehicles, getting the right insurance is crucial. The wrong policy will cost your business money. Here's how to save money on car insurance.

Have you fallen for these money saving myths

Year round sales, endless discount emails, time limited offers and free gifts. We are constantly being bombarded by money saving offers, free stuff and deals that often seem too good to be true, but are they really as great as they seem or is the wool being pulled over our eyes

5 simple steps to help SMEs save on energy costs

Recent energy saving audits undertaken at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK have highlighted five simple steps that can be taken to unlock potential savings on energy costs which other businesses could also benefit from. Phil Scholes, npower SME Sales & Marketing Director discusses the findings and how making some small changes – often with minimal or no cost – can help drive significant savings.