Top tips: Tax planning is the end of the beginning when selling your business

Many entrepreneurs focus on planning for the sale of their business and exploiting allowances such as Entrepreneurs Relief, without looking at the tax implications that might occur once you have sold it. There is a perception that the sale of a business is the end of tax planning. But in reality it is just “the end of the beginning”, as without continued planning after the sale, substantial amounts of the proceeds can be wasted in tax bills.

The hardest sell: A guide to selling your company

John Styring, CEO and founder at IglooBooks looks at the main challenges for SME’s planning to sell their company. In October this year, IglooBooks was acquired by Bonnier Publishing. The deal meant that together the two companies became one of the largest children’s publishers in the country.

What not to do when selling your business

If you own a business, even if you’re not thinking of selling, or if the business is new, it’s wise to have an exit plan. But let’s assume you’ve taken a step further and are ready to sell within the next twelve months.