How not to get sued by your PA lessons from celebrity lawsuits

From Lady Gaga forcing her personal assistant to sleep in the same bed as her, to the boss who asked to snort cocaine from his PA's "exposed breasts", there is certainly a lot that businesses leaders can learn about avoiding lawsuits from the celebrity world.

How to handle gender discrimination in the workplace

In a recent US legal case, lawyer Ellen Pao took her Silicon Valley employers to court over claims of sexism, lost her case and was ordered to pay legal costs of nearly £660,000. She argued that she was subjected to a sexually charged atmosphere, denied promotion and then dismissed because of her gender.

Why you should conduct thorough sexual harassment investigations

Lord Rennard, a key figure in the Lib Dems party, accused of alleged sexual harassment shows the case for conducting a thorough sexual harassment investigation and carefully managing the fall out from what is often a very fraught situation. This is particularly difficult for the Lib Dems as Lord Rennard is a high profile figure in the party having been inaugural in its creation.