Back to School: Lessons in cyber security

This year, not every business has been awarded an A* in cyber security. Be it an accidental data leak, an employee falling foul of phishing, or vulnerabilities that are yet to be patched, most companies have plenty of room for improvement.

Tech trends Whats set to make a stir in 2016 and beyond

With business leaders needing to know what technological innovation is on the horizon to take advantage of, Tony Stiff, CEO Flowgroup, provides some guidance on the most exciting advancements in transport, the home and fitness.

5 reasons why retailers should drive mobile marketing

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the first choice for purchasing online, as consumers shift towards the convenience, ease and variety of online transactions. Consider the following to discover why mobile marketing could work for you.

Dont fall foul of the connected world of business

The predictions of a fully connected world where all of our gadgets are connected are now coming to fruition, with everything from our home kitchen appliances to heating systems and televisions all able to communicate with each other. But what about the level of connectivity in the workplace and the potential damage that can be caused to your firm when your connected devices go awry