Data science: A new pillar to add to the traditional sciences

If British businesses are to remain competitive in global markets they, and the education system that underpins the workforce, must recognise data science as not just a gimmick, but rather an integral part of business strategy and wider education agendas.

Pensions and payroll A single entity for growing SMEs

No-one ever claimed it would be easy. Auto-enrolment represents the biggest shake-up to pensions legislation in years and, unlike many new government initiatives, it impacts every business payroll department across the country.

Software innovation the saviour of the primary care

Josie Byrne, account director for healthcare at Black Pepper Software, explains how even though the NHS is embracing the technology on offer, some patients are still having to wait two thirds of a year for treatment. What is needed, she says, is a shake-up of the innovation used in the industry.

People can’t let one bad experience with technology put them off for good

With software and online tools providing one of the best, and quickest, ways to increase productivity, we find out from TopLine Comms founder Heather Baker why business leaders mustn't be afraid to first experiment with it, and then reflect why it might not have worked if the desired effect was not found.

The UKs fastest growing private companies: Hot 100 2015 (68) Kainos Software

Belfast-based IT company Kainos Software has more than doubled its profits after winning new contracts with councils and NHS trusts in England, and is looking to create jobs in the tech space. However, managing director Brendan Mooney is adamant that “the real impact" in terms of improving the number of graduates will be about GCSE students choosing maths and science when they’re 14.