Making switching simple for small businesses

Launched by the banking industry last September, the free Current Account Switch Service to swap between banks isn’t just the preserve of personal current account customers. Small businesses up and down the country can make the most of the service too.

Why businesses should harness the power of rewards

Research for American Express® Small Business Services, estimates that small businesses spend an average of £12,000* each year on overheads such as stationery, travel or computers that could earn rewards.

We all have a rep to uphold but how much does this cost

Today, almost every company can be viewed as a digital company, and we are exposed to the outside world in a number of ways. Yet few small businesses – even those involved in the recent UK tech start-up scene – think about how digital their organisation is and as a result, have not analysed the true risk of suffering a cybersecurity breach or digital meltdown.

Norton antivirus: Win a free subscription

Symantec research found that business priorities are so focused on finding and retaining customers and providing the best customer service, that improving online security has sunk to the bottom of the priority list, despite small businesses in the UK experiencing 22 per cent of targeted cyberattacks in 2013.

Are you ready for auto enrolment

Are you an employer Then this article is essential reading for you, because a considerable change is underway that will have a large impact on all businesses that employ workers in the UK.