Business lessons from Star Wars: How to become a Jedi company

Like most kids, I loved Star Wars and was enthralled by the adventures of the rebellion fighting against the evil empire. All I wanted to do when I grew up was become a Jedi like Luke Skywalker. Not much to ask, but then again I?ve always been ambitious ? even as an eight year old. As I got older, a funny thing happened ? a Jedi Knight I became thanks to the lessons from Star Wars movies!

Even an eight year-old girl understood Hasbro excluding Star Wars’ Rey from games made no sense

Hasbro has confirmed that it would be adding Rey to its Star Wars Monopoly set following extensive fan criticism. The hashtag "#WheresRey" trended for several days as fans complained about the omission of the female lead – and an eight-year-old girl managed to make the company realise there would essentially be no plotline without her.

How to create an indestructible ship: Q&A with Death Star manufacturer and Spock relative

Away from earthly proceedings Jonathan Cooper-Bagnall, EVP and commercial director at Proxima, took an extra-terrestrial turning into neutral universe to speak to Fango Jett, one of the surviving members of the Death Star (mark II) construction team and under an alias so as to protect him from the latest Sith Lord Kylo Ren, and Skek, a relative of USS Enterprise first officer Spock.