As said by Winston Churchill, never waste a good crisis

"Never let a good crisis go to waste" has been attributed to Winston Churchill in reference to the conditions post the Second World War that allowed for the formation of the United Nations. There is some doubt as to whether he actually used those words but it certainly sounds like something he would say. It of course refers to the peculiar environment that surrounds people in the midst of a crisis where somehow all paradigms seem up for debate and rules are to be questioned.

Why your business doesn’t need ‘a bit of PR’: Your business needs it done properly

PR is not simply about sound bites, column inches, tweets, posts, and shares it’s about delivering the business plan. So far, many businesses seek PR advice but fail to take it seriously, and as such, only shallow project implementations are delivered with limited success. It’s about time that businesses revise their approach and attitude towards PR agencies, here’s how they can aid your business in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Board level strategy tips in an age of volatility: How to remain a great leader

The business sector has been hit by some massive changes in recent years, (cue tech innovation and globalisation). However, there are challenges that board level leaders face that remain the same as they were thirty years ago. I give you tips to navigate both traditional and new challenges that senior staff face in business life. Start by using the acronym VUCA. I’ll break it down for you.

Brexit creates both opportunities and a threat for businesses These 4 mindset hacks will help you cope

Slowly but surely we are lumbering towards Brexit. Whatever the outcome, you as a business owner and team leader have to deal with the reverberations. From my background playing professional cricket, and through my current career in performance consultancy, I know a lot about the importance of a good mindset and managing self-discipline in tricky situations. Here are my four mindset hacks that you can apply to your business when dealing with Brexit.

What happens when a founder can’t let go” Lessons from Superdry’s Julian Dunkerton

Superdry founder Julian Dunkerton is waiting on the outcome of a shareholder meeting to see if he can come back as a director. The board is urging shareholders to vote against his reappointment, and considering that his last year of power at Superdry coincided with poor sales, are they right to do so” It also begs the question, when is the right time for a founder to step away from a company, and what can other entrepreneurs do to ensure they know when that right time is?