Putting mental health on your workplace agenda

World Mental Health Day took place in October and for the first time, the focus was on the office environment a sign businesses are openly recognising the link between mental wellbeing and the modern workplace.

Four big questions to acquire, maximise and retain customers

During good economic times, new business was easier to come by it didn?t really matter if you lost a client as another waited in the wings. But with uncertainty playing a big factor in the corporate world, many are looking at ways to retain customers.

How to turn your business into an agile one

By now you’ve heard about “doing agile”. You hope creating such teams will solve your organisational problems, from missed commitments, bad quality and lack of visibility to stalled innovation. Unfortunately, many bosses find they aren?t getting what they expected from their agile investments.

Connected planning can help your business run like the All Blacks

The All Blacks are one of the most successful sports franchises in history. They appear to work together seamlessly, something most companies dream of when it comes to staff collaboration. But with practice drills not an option in the office, bosses can instead hope to foster such collaboration through connected planning.

Unstrategy: The new business model for managing change

We live in an age of managing change. Whether it is political upheaval through Brexit and Trump or business upheaval with the rise of the disruptors like Uber, Deliveroo and AirBnB, the world has never changed so fast.