Is it time to “insource” your phone system

Most companies have a choice when it comes to outsourcing aspects of their business operations, but the phone system is one function where historically companies have had little say. Rafael Cortes, head of marketing at Foehn, explains how the cloud has opened up the options now available to SMEs and with them new levels of control.

The impact of bad customer address data

Customer information is the valuable, intellectual property and lifeblood of any organisation – yet almost two thirds of companies admit customer data is fundamentally flawed.

How to help conquer cash flow and unlock your business potential

Knowing your finances are in order not only gives your business a solid foundation, it can also free you up to be more innovative, agile and better able to look outward to external challenges such as competition – all of which will better support future growth.

Prepare or face a slow decline

In the incredibly fast-moving telecoms sector, businesses that anticipate the future and prepare for it are those that will thrive. Those that fail to plan for the future will inevitably see their margins eroded.

Feeling lost” How to align IT to future goals

IT should work for, not against you. It should help increase operational efficiency and provide a platform from which further advances can be made. Unfortunately, many businesses find that IT is a hindrance as much as a help, meaning that IT strategy extends no further than keeping things running.

How a new banking system might look

Much debate today about how a new banking system might look – and how it could reignite SMEs across the UK. Well done, Nesta and others, for kicking it off