Brexit has potential for profit rather than pain

Keshav Murugesh, CEO of WNS, discusses how the triggering of Article 50 may exacerbate the UK’s talent shortage by making it more expensive to recruit top staff. Nonetheless, Brexit has potential to help the global economy.

How SEO can genuinely attract and retain talent

Attract and retain talent

The world of talent attraction is changing rapidly, and keeping up with these shifts can be a daunting task. Falling behind could mean the difference between managing to attract and retain talent or losing out on your star, ideal candidate.

It’s time to get a grip on gender equality

When asked to write an article on the purpose of gender equality for global brands, I had to pause and ask myself why. After all, you already know that the case for gender equality is clear.

Needles in a haystack: How to succeed at volume recruiting

For companies with ambitious growth plans, seasonal requirements or large annual intakes, volume hiring can be a vital element of the talent acquisition strategy. Take Amazon, for example, which recently advertised for 7,342 new staff in a bid to fulfil a relentless appetite for expansion.