If people sign without reading, do T&Cs matter?

Contractual relationships are everywhere, in business and our personal lives, and so the question arises, do people always read what they sign” The honest answer for many will be no so do T&Cs matter?

The danger of drafting your own terms and conditions

As the owner of a business you already have plenty of issues that require your consideration. But above all else, Gemma Lingard of Gorvins Solicitors suggests bosses know more about the danger of drafting their own terms and conditions (T&Cs).

Avoiding commercial litigation as a business leader

Russell Hallam, managing partner at Turbervilles Solicitors, uses his latest legal column for Real Business to provide some invaluable advice for business leaders who don’t want to be caught up in commercial litigation.

How to get ready for the consumer rights revolution

New legislation, which protects the rights of consumers, has been heralded as the biggest overhaul in this area of practice for more than a generation. Clarke Willmott senior associate Greg Hughes discusses the key points that businesses need to keep in mind.

MP Andrew Miller calls for simplified social media terms and conditions

According to MP Andrew Miller, the terms and conditions that social media companies make users agree to are by no means a demonstration of how users have given informed consent for the exploitation of their personal data. This is often due to their excessive length and unnecessary complexity.