The Tory Party discovers its very own black hole: Will the world stop turning after a no-deal Brexit?

Our resident current-affairs grumbler keeps us up to date with the dramatic antics of the conservative party, including whether Brexit really means Brexit, and if globe-stopping chaos will ensue if a no-deal Brexit happens, and, most importantly, if Theresa May is in fact, a robot, or should we say, maybot!” The City Grump returns to Real Business to dish the hilarious dirt on contemporary business and politics in the slow lead up to Brexit.

“The City Grump Rides Out”: A clever compilation of our resident columnist’s best works

The City Grump, (ex-financier turned civil activist Stephen Hazell-Smith), is our most opinionated columnist at Real Business. The release of his new book, “The City Grump Rides out”, gives us a collation of his best articles comparing the worlds of UK business and politics, and as if it couldn’t get better, it’s illustrated by legendary cartoonist Gerald Scarfe.