10 skills to learn to make money – what is needed to be successful?

skills to learn to make money - what is needed

The money-making journey is different for everyone. Some people have a very well-paid job, and they never need to consider potential extra revenue streams from investments or side hustles. Other people are natural entrepreneurs who have their fingers in multiple lucrative pies. No matter which money-making route you are on, there are a number of […]

15 tips to boost your productivity during the day

Friday might be fun, but Tuesday’s the day to get stuff done. After all, it gets the highest productivity rankings of all other days of the week, according to an Accountemps survey of managers.

Five time management tips for busy entrepreneurs

Through necessity, most SME owners learn the art of thriftiness, making small cost savings that, collectively, make a big difference to profit margins. But few apply that technique to their time management, even though we all agree that time is money.

How to address a time waster in your team

Every employee, regardless of their position, is guilty of being a time waster at some point or other, but when does this behaviour stop being a harmless quirk and start getting in the way of productivity and positive results?

Are you skilled at business negotiation or just cheap?

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